The Vana-Võromaa Museum provides an overview of the history of Võru County: it presents numerous rare archaeological artefacts, old items and documents. The museum also provides an overview of the history of Võru language (language closely related to Finnish and Estonian which is widely spoken in South Estonia) and offers an opportunity to learn about a specific sauna tradition in the Võru region, which has been recognised as a part of the World Heritage List of the UNESCO. The Art Gallery that offers a new art exhibition in every two months, invites art enthusiasts to visit the museum.


We are open
Wed – Sun 11 a.m – 7 p.m

+ 372 78 244 79

Address: Katariina 11, Võru, Estonia


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Vana-Võromaa muuseumid
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Vana Võrumaa muuseumid


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